omnichain is the future with a single execution environment.

an omnichain — dex by tideX

Trade BNB, BTC, ETH, AVAX and other top digital assets with up to 150x leverage directly from your wallet.

Smart Contracts

Coming Soon

trade. swap. privacy

Our products


On-Chain Futures & Spot Trading

Omnichain Spot & Futures DEX.

No email, no password. Login with MetaMask and start trading. Simple as that!

Fiat On-Off Ramp

Making Crypto accessible for all. No KYC!

We respect your privacy.

That means making on-chain accessibility a simple process whilst respecting privacy.


We make decisions as a collective.

Revenue share.

Token holders share protocol revenue & shape the future of Tide

We have integrated fiat-on-ramp with, making crypto accessible for all.

We have teamed up with Chainlink's to use their Pricing Oracle technology to provide, tamper-proof pricing feeds.

We utilise Amazon Web Services for its powerful, scalable and secure infrastructure. IPFS facility launching post beta.

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