The Tide Protocol Suite of complex of protocols designed to provide optimized trading cost, deep liquidity, a wide range of leverage options, and diverse market options for traders.

Key components of the Tide Protocol Suite include:

Tide Leveraged Trading Protocol: A decentralized leveraged trading protocol that offers zero price impact trading, up to 150x leverage, no counterparty risks for traders, and an optimized on-chain trading experience. Traders trade against the Tide native pool on the leveraged trading protocol.

Tide Liquidity Aggregator: A sub-protocol in the Tide protocol suite that dynamically compares trading prices provided by various leveraged trading protocols and recommends the underlying protocol with the most suitable liquidity depth. The aggregator also supplies additional margin for traders to raise the leverage up to 150x on aggregated underlying protocols.

The Tide protocol suite will continue to evolve and expand as the team develops new features and technology to meet the needs of traders. The integration of LayerZero allows for Omnichain DEX offering access to liquidity and assets across multiple blockchains, a significant advantage over other DEXs.

The Tide Token [DAOX] will act as the governance token for the Tide ecosystem and will be used as the basis for fees across all trades on the platform. Token holders will have the ability to stake their tokens in a pipeline of multi-asset staking platforms, earning rewards for providing liquidity to the platform.

Tide seeks to incentives two key roles users and developers, a portion of the transaction fees collected on the platform will be distributed back to token holders as an incentive for holding and using the token. Another portion of the transaction fees will be allocated to the Tide DAO for the purpose of investment as a service, including farming, yielding and investing in projects that align with the ecosystem's goals.